35 States and Puerto Rico Submit Applications for New Preschool Development Grants Competition to Increase Access to High-Quality Preschool Programs (US Dept. of Ed.)

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell announced today that 35 states and Puerto Rico have applied for grants under the new $250 million Preschool Development Grants program. The Preschool Development Grants competition supports States to (1) build or enhance a preschool program infrastructure that would enable the delivery of high-quality preschool services to children, and (2) expand high-quality preschool programs in targeted communities that would serve as models for expanding preschool to all 4-year-olds from low- and moderate-income families. These grants would lay the groundwork to ensure that more States are ready to participate in the Preschool for All formula grant initiative proposed by the Administration. States are listed alphabetically. Preschool Development Grants — DEVELOPMENT GRANTS: 1. Alabama 2. Arizona 3. Hawaii 4. Mississippi 5. Missouri 6. Montana    7. Nevada 8. New Hampshire 9. Puerto Rico. Preschool Development Grants — EXPANSION GRANTS 1. Arkansas 2. California 3. Colorado 4. Connecticut 5. Delaware 6. Georgia 7. Illinois 8. Kentucky 9. Louisiana 10. Maine 11. Maryland 12. Massachusetts 13. Minnesota 14. New Jersey 15. New Mexico 16. New York 17. North Carolina 18. Ohio 19. Oregon 20. Pennsylvania 21. Rhode Island 22. South Carolina 23. Tennessee 24. Texas 25. Vermont 26. Virginia 27. Washington State.

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