A Call with First Lady Michelle Obama For Teachers and Administrators on the Affordable Care Act

It’s a harsh reality that too many American families face; having to choose between your family’s basic needs and health care. This morning, First Lady Michelle Obama hosted a brief call for teachers and administrators thanking them for their hard work in encouraging families to sign up for Obamacare, and urging them to continue to do so as the deadline for open enrollment approaches. Teachers and administrators are in a unique position to be able to positively influence the parents and families of the children they teach. Mrs. Obama urged them to use this influence to encourage the low-income families they work with who may be struggling to learn more about the Affordable Care Act and to sign up for coverage. The deadline for open enrollment is February 15, 2015 and Mrs. Obama suggested several ways for teachers and administrators to reach their families with information. These methods include notes sent home with students, back to school night informational meetings, and one on one conversations with parents. She also reminded listeners that National Youth Enrollment day is approaching, on January 29, and this would be an ideal event to promote in classrooms and schools. Finally Mrs. Obama encouraged listeners to remind parents who may have already signed up for Obamacare to go back and shop around, as they may be able to decrease their premiums. She asked listeners to direct all interested parents and families to www.healthcare.gov to learn more about the Affordable Care Act.