About Us


The Early Care and Education Consortium (ECEC) is a non-profit alliance of the leading Multi-State/Multi -Site Providers, key State Child Care Associations, and premier Educational Services Providers representing over 9,000 programs in all 50 states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and selected international locations. Our Members serve as the unified collective voice for Providers of high-quality programs and services that support families and children from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. We are advocates for strong federal and state policies that bring quality to scale.

As Dual Service Community Providers supporting the workforce of today and the workforce of tomorrow, we inform and advise policymakers, and the communities we serve to help ensure:

  • All families have affordable, timely access to high-quality programs
  • Our programs and services prepare children to arrive at school “ready to learn”
  • Community Providers have sustainable program resources to sustain continuity of care

We Know High Quality Programs:

  • Maximize the health, safety, and well-being of children
  • Employ qualified staff using intentional teaching practices
  • Effectively engage children, parents and communities in the learning process
  • Support employers by increasing the job productivity of working parents
  • Give parents peace of mind that children are thriving in safe, learning environments

We Believe in Continuous Quality Improvement with Measurable Outcomes:

  • State Licensing Standards provide the foundation to build child care excellence
  • Program Ratings based on tiered state Quality Rating and Improvement Systems (QRIS)
  • Program Accreditation by a nationally/internationally recognized professional body
  • Accountability for school readiness based on state Kindergarten Entry Assessments

ECEC Releases White Paper Articulating Key Messages About Our Commitment to Bringing High Quality to Scale

ECEC has released a white paper, High-Quality Community Early Care and Education Programs: An Essential Support for the Workforce of Today and Tomorrow, that examines the critical role these programs play within the early childhood program landscape. Unlike most other service providers and program types, high-quality Community Early Care and Education Programs offer developmentally appropriate and enriching school readiness experiences for young children while providing safe, reliable care that empowers parents to be economically productive within the workforce. Affordable access to high-quality Community Early Care and Education Programs remains at the core of successful early childhood state systems that involve a range of programs, including Early Head Start and Head Start, state prekindergarten, and home visiting that operate within various settings, such as community programs and schools. Both non-profit and tax-paying high-quality Community Early Care and Education Programs are at the core of a mixed delivery model. An effective mixed delivery model integrates and leverages resources across program types and settings. This approach to systemic coordination results in more children participating in high-quality community programs, as evidenced by prekindergarten programs in states such as Georgia and New York. Studies consistently show that a mixed delivery model that fully incorporates high–quality Community Early Care and Education Programs ultimately maximizes return on investment in high-quality early care and education programs.

Read the White Paper here.