Initiatives from Preschool to Third Grade: A Policymaker’s Guide (Education Commission of the States)


Policymakers across the country recognize how vital a child’s earliest learning opportunities are to their long-term educational success. That does not always mean, however, that policymakers know how to impact these early years, or even where to start. Published today by the Education Commission of the States, Initiatives from Preschool to the Third Grade: A Policymaker’s Guide serves as a reference guide for policymakers and their staffs, members of the media and others on the most commonly requested topics to the ECS Information Clearinghouse from preschool to third grade. This early learning primer is organized in response to the two types of questions policymakers most often ask ECS about P-3 approaches. 1). What are effective strategies to support children on their path to third-grade academic success? 2). What are the foundations of any effective P-3 approach? Each section of this brief provides an overview of each topic, a brief summary of the research rationale, a status of related initiatives across the nation, specific state examples, questions for critical decision points and links to further reading.

Read the Guide here.