Report: School Failure Weakens National Security: High-Quality Early Education Helps Nebraska Children Succeed (Mission Readiness)

The more than 400 retired generals and admirals of Mission:
Readiness know that investing in high-quality early childhood
education is essential for the future strength of our military.
If enough men and women with the skills the military needs
are not available to serve in tomorrow’s armed services, our
national security will be at risk.
In 2012, Nebraska served 22 percent of its four-year-olds
and spent close to $9.6 million (only $944 per child). Nine
out of ten Nebraska children under age three still do not
have access to the kinds of early learning opportunities that
can close the achievement gap. While the state has taken
important steps in recent years to increase the number of
children served, the investment per child has declined. As a
result, Nebraska is not spending nearly enough to cover the cost
of high-quality preschool, estimated to be $4,000 per child.
Mission Readiness urges Nebraska policymakers to take this opportunity to
increase the state’s investment to serve more children with
higher-quality services. Making such an investment will
not only ensure that more Nebraska children are ready for
school; our national security depends on it.

Read the report here.