Report: Start Early To Build A Healthy Future (Ounce)

 Research continues to affirm how critical are the first five years in a child’s life. And when it comes to giving him or her a chance to learn, grow and lead a long, healthy and productive life, the importance of a strong start cannot be emphasized enough. This newest publication analyzes the latest research on the ways that early experiences, both beneficial and stressful, can have strong impacts on the health of the developing child, and offers research, policy and practice recommendations for supporting children’s lifelong health through high-quality early childhood education. Leading researchers from the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University and the Women and Children’s Health Policy Center at Johns Hopkins University have collaboratively identified four foundations of health that buffer young children against adverse childhood experiences, allowing their bodies and brains to develop without the lasting effects of toxic stress. These four foundations that all children need to thrive are: stable and responsive relationships, safe and secure environments, nutrition,and health-promoting behaviors.

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