Reports: Contemporary Issues in Child Care Licensing (The Office Of Child Care)

The Office of Child Care (OCC) is pleased to announce the availability of a new resource—a series of eight reports (noted below) on Contemporary Issues in Child Care Licensing. The reports were developed with the support of nationally recognized consultants and are based on indepth interviews with representatives from nine State licensing agencies: Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, and Washington. OCC believes the examples of innovative and diverse State practices will help State licensing agencies in seeking to strengthen their programs, meet new OCC policy reforms, and better protect children in out-of-home care.


  • Child Care Licensing Inspection Policies
  • Enforcement Strategies With Licensed Child Care Providers
  • Monitoring Strategies for Determining Compliance: Differential Monitoring, Risk Assessment, and Key Indicators
  • Enforcement and Approaches to Illegally Operating Providers
  • Reporting, Tracking, and Responding to Serious Injuries and Fatalities in Child Care
  • Building and Physical Premises Safety in Child Care
  • Quality Assurance in Child Care Licensing
  • Elements of a Licensing Statute


The reports, developed for OCC by the National Center on Child Care Quality Improvement (NCCCQI), and other resources about health and safety and licensing are available on the Child Care Technical Assistance Network Web site at