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2016 State of the State Addresses, Dates, and Speech Texts which identifies the education focus points within the Governors’ speeches. The tracker includes the follow details:

  • State name and speech linked (if available)
  • Date of speech
  • Governor of the state
  • Political party of the Governor (color coded)

FY2016-2018 Child Care State Plans (as posted by HHS in July 2016)

ECEC CCDF State Plan Public Meetings (tracked October 2015-March 2016)

CCDBG 2014 Reauthorization

CCDBG Final Regulations (9/30/16):

CCDBG Law Related:

ECEC Resources Related to Improving CCDBG:

CCDBG Program Data & Child Care Funding

TANF Funding Used for Child Care:

Early Head Start – Child Care Partnership Resources

The Brain Science Behind Early Childhood

Diversity in Child Care

Child Care Workforce

Child Care Licensing and Regulations

Quality and Child Care

Child Care and the Economy

Statistical Portraits of Children and Child Care

Child Care Subsidies

Financing Child Care

Early Learning and Pre-Kindergarten

After-School Care

General References