State Action Center

ECEC monitors policy developments in every state and invests advocacy resources in targeted states where the ECEC Member “footprint” is large, state initiatives have potential national implications, and ECEC efforts can genuinely assist state level partners to amplify the “provider voice”.

ECEC focuses state advocacy efforts based on current needs in states as they occur (labeled in blue) and has consistent state level advocacy in states where State Child Care Associations are ECEC Members (labeled in green).

State Action Centers Placeholder
State Action Centers

ECEC State Resources

2016 State of the State Addresses Dates and Speech Texts which identifies the education focus points within the Governors’ speeches. The tracker includes the follow details:

  • State name and speech linked (if available)
  • Date of speech
  • Governor of the state
  • Political party of the Governor (color coded)

CCDF State Plan Tracker, which includes:

  • Updated times and locations of public hearings
  • State contact information
  • Draft plans
  • Deadlines for written comments