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Governor Brown Signs State Budget

On June 27, 2104 Governor Brown signed the state budget. This is the first time since 2008 that there are not cuts to child development programs.

In addition to important restorations to child care, the agreement also includes funds to ease the impact of federal cuts from Sequestration. This is significant given the budget-cutting experience of the last several years. Realignment of child care to the counties was not part of the Budget Conference agreement.

Here are the budget highlights:

 Stage 2 Child Care:  funded to serve all of the projected caseload

Stage 3 Child Care: increased to serve all of the projected caseload

State Preschool: $25 million of additional Proposition 98 funding, for a projected 8,100 part-day slots

General Child Care (Non-Prop 98): $10 million in unspent child care funds will be re-appropriated: $7 million for General Child Care programs, $2.6 million for Alternative Placement programs, and $400,000 for migrant child care. The $10 million investment will go to an estimated 3,300 full day slots.

Back-filling federal Sequestration cuts: $15.8 million from the General Fund to alleviate the impact of federal cuts: $11.1 million for the General Child Care Program, $4.1 million for Alternative Payment Programs, and $621,000 for Migrant Child Care programs.

Thank you for your advocacy this year!


Child Care and Preschool Budget Summary, California Legislative Analyst’s Office
Summary of Slots in Child Care and Preschool, California Legislative Analyst’s Office
California CCR&R Network Response to the Budget

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Assemblyman Scott Wilk Visits Center in Valencia

Scott Wilk storytime

On December 20, State Assemblyman Scott Wilk visited the KinderCare center in Valencia and not only saw policy in action, but also had the chance to sit and read a story with the children. Knowledge Universe is an ECEC member and we are so thankful to the Assemblyman for spending the time with children, parents, and the wonderful staff.

Thanks to the staff for a great job of showing the Assemblyman how the decisions he makes in Sacramento affect your lives every day.

You can invite your Assemblyman or Senator to visit your program, too!  Check out ECEC’s resources so you can get started.

A special thanks also goes to all of the great partners who worked together to make these visits happen.

Access to Care for School-Age Children

Afterschool programs are essential to keep kids safe, engage children in enriching activities, and give peace of mind to working moms and dads during the out-of-school hours. Check out this California fact sheet from the Afterschool Alliance for more information.

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