The Birth Through Eight State Policy Framework (Alliance for Early Success)


The Birth Through Eight State Policy Framework is a tool, or roadmap, that anyone can use to guide policy in ways that will improve the health, learning, and economic outcomes for vulnerable young children. The Alliance for Early Success (formerly the Birth to Five Policy Alliance) developed the Birth Through Age Eight State Policy Framework based on a long history of work led by state and national organizations and foundations. The framework was drafted and  input was solicited from over 150 experts, including early childhood advocates and leaders, K-12 experts and leaders, researchers, policymakers, and foundation officers. The result is a road map the Alliance uses to guide partnerships and investments. The intent is for it to be a tool for anyone interested in state policies that improve outcomes for young children. The Framework begins with five principles. The Framework outlines three policy priority areas essential  for the healthy growth and development of young children: health, family support, and learning. These are grounded on a foundation of standards, assessment, and accountability. Evidence-based and innovative best practice policy options are provided in each of the policy areas. Political, social, and economic conditions should determine the policy options states pursue at any given time.

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