ECEC and BCG Release Recommendations on Future of Nation’s Child Care

As Americans emerge from the pandemic, the need for child care is greater than ever. And while the pandemic highlighted the essential role of child care to our nation’s economy, it also revealed how fragile the child care sector is. The Early Care & Education Consortium released a paper discussing the urgent need for significant federal investments to build and improve upon our existing early education system. The paper, which was informed by analysis from the Boston Consulting Group, includes recommendations on how federal funding should be used to address the nation’s growing child care crisis.

Rethinking America’s Child Care System

How child care businesses are funded has created a broken business model, a challenge exacerbated by COVID-19. With many child care businesses forced to close, families are struggling to find high-quality care that helps their children learn and thrive while allowing them to stay in workforce. Policy solutions are needed. Watch BPC’s new video, Rethinking America’s Child Care System, to learn more.

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