Kaplan Early Learning Company
Kaplan Early Learning Company is a leading international provider of products and services that enhance children’s learning. A leader in the field of early care and education, we bring to market innovative curricula, cutting edge assessments, teacher resource materials and valuable professional development opportunities to early childhood and elementary school educators, caregivers and parents around the world.

LineLeader LineLeader’s award-winning technology platform seamlessly combines digital registration, a full featured enterprise-grade Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, family engagement app and a childcare management system. The offerings within the platform can be implemented as a single unified technology experience connecting your data across the entire customer journey and unlocking insights, or as individual best of breed single point solutions that work for any size organization. So, while each tool is independently the most powerful in the technology space, they truly innovate when used together. Our ultimate goal is to provide a first-class technology enabled consumer experience that allows your team to focus on what matters most – the children in their care.

Procare Solutions
Procare Solutions is the number one name in child care management software – used by more than 37,000 child care sites across the country. For over 30 years, child care professionals have looked to Procare to provide real-time information for making critical decisions, maintaining compliance with local and state regulations, and adhering to business best practices. Procare is comprised of over 400 individuals with backgrounds in child care, education, administration and more – all dedicated to our customers’ success. We are each passionate about helping child care businesses succeed because we know they are the foundation of our children’s futures as well as a thriving economy.

Teaching Strategies, LLC
Teaching Strategies is a dynamic early childhood education company that provides the most innovative and effective curriculum, assessment, professional development, and family connection resources to programs serving children from birth through kindergarten. With ground-breaking solutions and a strong belief that the most powerful way to impact child outcomes is to improve teacher effectiveness, Teaching Strategies has been supporting the critical work of early childhood educators for over 25 years. Teaching Strategies consistently expands their product offerings to include award-winning products like The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool and widely-adopted assessment solutions like GOLD®. To learn why thousands of early childhood programs and many states choose to partner with Teaching Strategies to build a strong foundation that helps ensure children’s success in school and in life, take a look around our website.

Teachstone, Inc.
As the trusted leader in the assessment and improvement of teacher-child interactions, Teachstone has the proven expertise needed to nurture better child outcomes, one classroom at a time. With decades of early childhood education research as a foundation, we offer products and programs that help early childhood education programs, across the mixed delivery system, unlock the potential of great teachers, boost student outcomes, and create a culture of sustained excellence. Since Teachstone was founded in 2008, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with thousands of programs worldwide to improve the quality of educational experiences for learners across age levels, from infant child care settings through secondary classrooms. By collaborating closely in and out of the classroom, we work with teachers, coaches, and administrators to embrace CLASS not simply as a measurement of compliance, but as a meaningful, sustainable path toward positive child outcomes.