Child Care Centers Have Been Left out of Federal Economic Relief

Like so many other businesses across the country, 75% of child care centers are shut down as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. As stay-at-home orders were issued and parents were furloughed, laid off or started working from home, enrollments at centers plunged. Additionally, because they are so essential, some centers have remained open, operating at a loss, to provide services to the children of workers on the front lines battling the pandemic.
Child care centers need resources to continue serving families
The impact of the shut-down is devastating for these vital businesses that serve millions of working families each day. Yet the federal government’s major economic relief package, the CARES Act, failed to provide support for all child care centers. Child care centers should be eligible for federal loan programs and aid, just like restaurants and hotels.

Don’t let Congress put essential child care services at risk. Urge them right now to provide financial assistance to child care centers and families.